Epitome of Joy

He loves to laugh, he laughs heartily, he laughs without any reservations
He doesn’t need a reason to laugh, he just laughs when he wants to
He loves to smile and chuckle
He greets me with the most sincerest, warmest smile when he wakes in the morning
He chuckles at the slightest and tickles at the simplest
He beams with so much delight
His joy’s so overflowing his eyes sparkles

While I was pregnant with asher, I thought about how I can be the best parent for him and I prayed for joy in his life, I prayed the joy of the LORD will be his strength, because I know with the joy of the LORD, he will be contented in the littlest things, he’ll find joy in every situation, and he can still be joyful in the midst of life’s difficulties & trials.

Asher in its simplest meaning is “happy”
His laughter fills the house and makes me happy
I pray joy of the LORD in him is here to stay