I’ve been trying to get my hands on the car but no luck the last few years. This year, having Asher around I didn’t think I should or could go for the Subaru Challenge, but the husband said, give it a go, he can take care of Asher. So with just a ‘try-for-fun’ attitude, I called in for the 1st round qualifiers and I got through the 1st call! Then I also went down for the 2nd round lucky draw just to try my chances, and I got through! With a surge of energy, determination and; enthusiasm, I started an amazingly grueling challenge for the next 50hrs or so.

Grueling because I had to endure the hot scorching sun; because…
I had to stand through the raining storms and brace myself against the freezing breeze after the rain,
I had to gobble down my food, gulp down my drinks, rush to toilet and get some leg rest and hand massage, all in 5mins,
I had to relieve myself in super dirty and stinky toilets,
I had not bathed for 50hrs or so,
I was away from my family,
I had gone without sleep for 50hrs or so.
I never knew I could do that, but I did it. The mind is an amazing thing.