Just had our 5th wedding anniversary about a week ago (my friend said she remembered our wedding anniversary by ‘123’ because its 23 Jan, hah I didn’t even realised that!)

We know each other for slightly over 11 years, been through so much ups and downs together, ins and outs of relationship, and now 5 years into marriage. Sal in her sms wishing happy anniversary said she felt like it was just last month she saw me got married, haha, not sure what that means, I told her I didn’t feel like its been 5 years too. I take it as good. As they say, “time flies past when you’re having fun” right?

Yes, I had my fair share of struggles in my 5 years of marriage, actually our 11 years of being together but I had lots and lots of good times too, and I’m still having lots and lots of good times now, which I think I should be grateful for, extremely happy about. I think if you can say you are still happily married after your 5th anniversary is a great achievement, and of course I certainly hope and pray that I can still say that after my 10th anniversary, 20th, and so on…

I thought a lot about how we were as friends and just a dating couple about 11 years back and look at where we are today, it was kinda an emotional mind-blowing process of how I have shared my life with him in a decade.

23 Jan 2010, Sat, nothing much happened, no special programme, no special celebration, its like a usual Sat, we wanted to watch a romantic movie after dinner, but we were both tired, plus I was having tummy-ache/nausea and he was having some muscle-ache/pain. We didn’t do anything.
But it didn’t matter.
Everyday he still kisses me bye in the morning before he heads off to work.
Everyday I’m still thankful that I married him.
Everyday we are still happily married.