oh, things i’ve achieved since asher was born occasionally, randomly popped out in my brain’s memory card so i shall list them here:

1. there are many things you can prepare for a baby’s arrival, but there’s one thing u can’t be fully prepared for is the art of breastfeeding. i mean you can practice bathing a dummy, putting on diapers etc…but how do you practise breastfeeding right? you can go test out the different breast pumps to decide which is good but you can only do it on your thighs because you are not producing any milk yet, but that is so not accurate. anyways i was bent on total breastfeeding and tried my bestest to maintain that but it was tough throughout, i did everything i could to build up my milk supply in the early days, but i still ended up having to put asher on 1/2 breastfeed & 1/2 bottle (formula or expressed milk) because according to my lactation consultant, she said i did everything right, everything i could but the body was just too tired. this affected me very much and i was very disappointed for a long time. but now introspect, i’m glad to say that at least i didn’t give up (because i tell you its no joke doing 1/2, 1/2). i’m glad that at least asher had more breastmilk than he had of formula, and i actually persisted for 9mths, of course thats nothing compared to people who did it for 12mths & beyond, but 9mths for me is something, is very something.

2. i majorly scrubbed and cleaned my toilets when i was maybe in the middle of my 2nd trimester once, and thereafter the husb decided to get a part-time helper who came fornightly to do the major chores. so since about Aug 2008, i’ve not washed toilets, cleaned floors, changed bedsheets, etc for almost a year till my helper said she doesn’t want to do anymore. So for the 1st time in a long time, i scrubbed and cleaned the toilets again, and what huge sense of satisfaction! my helper was good but i guess she couldn’t do very thoroughly with so many to handle in just 4hrs, plus my standard for toilet cleanliness is pretty high, so i felt really good after i did it myself.

3. i finally started jogging a couple of months ago. i’ve done 2 or 3 10kms, 2 half marathons, i jogged from office back home, jogged from home to yishun, and i’ve not ran for 2 years! i’ve stopped jogging since oct/nov 2007 because then we just started trying for a baby, so i didn’t want to take the risk. i had a c-sect birth and the wound was bothering me for the longest time and i didn’t feel confident or ready to start jogging. But i did finally, it was tough but it felt soooo good. i’m back to the gym on saturdays or sundays now wherever possible if the husb could take care of the kiddo and tried to take turns with the husb (he walks with kiddo, i jog or the other way round) to jog as well if he can come back early from work. i’m proud to say i’m slowly getting back in shape with my exercising and hopefully with the body as well 😛

4. towards the end of 2008, i’ve used up all my savings and have officially became ‘financially dependent’ on the husb haha, i haven’t asked for money since after my JC graduation. “can u pass me some money?” or “i’m running low on cash” are sentences i found it hard to utter to the husb initially but has now grown accustomed to saying. NOT seeing regular input of money every month in my bank account is bad enough, seeing the numbers in it decreasing is very very bad. but the husb does things to make it easier, not make me feel bad about asking for money. i run parent-toddler groups, i started taking transcribing assignments. the little amount i get which allowed me to pay for my new shoes, new hat, some meals, etc, feels soooo good.

brain’s memory card is burning up from overworking, ciaoz