the husb went for a walk (his me-time) last night at about 2330 while i was surfing the internet.
i started climbing in bed at about 0020, he’s not back yet.
i was about to snooze off already but suddenly had this fear gripping my heart, wondering why he’s not back yet at about 0030, then i tried to shake the fear off and tried to sleep.
but the longer i waited, the fear got bigger & my thoughts went wilder and scarier, and about 0045, i was seated up on bed, clenching my bolster tight, crying and praying for God to bring him back safely to me. i walked out, still clenching my bolster tightly (its not even my security bolster, not sure why i was hanging on for dear life), stood at the window, hoping to find a familiar figure, sobbing by now, my legs & body shaking from fear that i might lose him to some maniac or psychopath killer, i paced up and down, crying & shaking non-stop.

i finally hear the key sound on the door around 1+am, dashed to the door, saw him & my tears burst into floods

me: why (sobs) are u gone (sobs) for so long (sobs sobs)??

husb: what? (couldn’t make out what i said) whats wrong dear?

me: i’m scared, i thought i lost you (sobs sobs)!

husb: ok (hugs) i’m sorry for scaring you (hugs) calm down, its ok dear (hugs)

me: can u pls don’t do this again?!! (sobs sobs)

husb: ok dear, calm down, its ok, i’m alright (hugs hugs)

me: i almost went down to look for you or thought of calling Reb & WX already

husb: call them for?

me: i don’t know, i’m so scared

husb: ok sorry for making you so scared, its ok now (hugs)

me: i can’t lose you ok, i don’t know what i’ll do

seriously i don’t know what i would do if i lose him X (
but i’m sooo glad he’s back safely by my side, thank God