I had a major outburst on Asher, the atmosphere was stiff and tensed, I decided to bring him swimming, and so it was the 1st time I brought him swimming, all by myself, it was whole lot of fun.

Asher swim outing 1

After which we had a nice dinner out, I had a hearty mixed grill and treated myself to a glass of peach martini, i felt sooo good! 🙂
The kiddo was having a whale of a time! the tension between us was gone and in replacement was fun and bonding.

Asher swim outing 2Asher swim outing 3

So next time you parents out there, when there seems to be so much negativity around, don’t just sit around sulk and wondering why on earth do you have kids and continue shouting, bring the kiddies out and have some real good fun, it’ll do everybody a lot of good and indulge in yourself once in awhile be it great food, a glass of martini, a massage or whatever makes you feel happy, because when you’re happy, the kiddies are happy. when you self-care, you can better care for them too ;D

Asher swim outing 4