an oven, finally i have 😛 albeit its not the conventional one, just an electric one, but i’m thrilled!

my oven presents its debut dish: eggplant pizza

it is so simple to make and it is so so yummy, asher had his 1st pizza and the kiddo loved it! these are the ingredients:

Eggplant pizza 1
  • roast chicken (u can just buy from supermart)
  • shredded mozzarella cheese (or any other kind of cheese u fancy)
  • large eggplant (get the really big fat dark ones, yums!)
  • pasta sauce (we used ragu brand, many different flavors to choose from; but i’m gonna use tomato puree paste the next time round cos i tink its healthier for the kiddo and less savoury for the little tastebud)
  • mushroom
  • bell peppers (green, red or yellow or all 3 if you like)
  • cloves of peeled garlic (amt depending on how garlicky you want your pizza to be)
  • pumpkin
  • olive oil
  • pizza base or wholemeal wrap


    1. cut the bell peppers in strips or circles (just look at those vibrant colors, i love bell peppers!)
    2. cut the eggplant in circles
    3. cut the pumpkin in slices
    4. put bell peppers, eggplant, pumpkin and garlic (best placed on the eggplants) on baking tray, toss them with generous amount of olive oil with the good ole hands so all the stuffs get coated, pour more esp on the eggplant cos it gets dried & burnt faster
Eggplant pizza 2
    1. meanwhile preheat the oven to the highest
    2. bake those stuffs for about 20mins or till you like how they look like (the pumpkin more crisp & roasted or just nice & soft; the bell peppers soft or crunchy, etc)
    3. on the pizza base or wrap, spread evenly the pasta sauce or tomato puree
Eggplant pizza 3
  1. pile on chicken pieces, mushrooms, peppers, pumpkin, garlic, cheese
  2. bake it till the cheese melt or a lil’ burnt if you’re like me!
Eggplant pizza 4
mua and the kiddo was so hungry waiting for the pizza, i only realised i hadn’t take a pic of the 1st pizza after we’re 1/2 way through with it, haha
Eggplant pizza 5

i never would have thought eggplant and garlic work on pizza, but believe you me, these ingredients all came together like perfect match, tasted so delicious, but pls feel free to experiment with other toppings like squash, minced beef, tuna, salmon, etc, have fun experimenting!