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i’m having an oven fever, i’ve baked stuffs in the oven like 4x in a week since i set up my oven, haha…but really simple dishes 😀  an important note to take note, all my recipes are suitable & healthy for babies & toddlers because there’s no added salt, sugar or seasonings like soy sauce, oyster sauce etc., so we adults become healthy too 🙂

baked breadcrumbed cod with potatoes & mexican asparagus

what i used:

  • boneless cod fish
  • breadcrumbs
  • paprika
  • small slice of lemon
  • unsalted butter
  • dried basil leaves
  • potatoes
  • cottage cheese
  • olive oil
  • mexican asparagus
Baked breadcrumbed cod with potatoes & mexican asparagus 1

what i did:

  1. wash cod
  2. squeeze some lemon juice all over cod
  3. spread some butter all over cod
  4. mix breadcrumbs, paprika & basil together on the aluminium foil
  5. roll cod on the breadcrumb mixture (isn’t the color fabulous?!)
  6. slice potatoes (i sliced thinly cos cook faster)
  7. in a bowl, coat sliced potatoes with generous amount of cottage cheese & olive oil
  8. preheat oven while doing the above
  9. baked for about 20mins or till the potatoes are soft to your desire
  10. coat asparagus with olive oil or unsalted butter
  11. throw in the asparagus & baked till cooked ( its so juicy & crunchy, yums!)
Baked breadcrumbed cod with potatoes & mexican asparagus 2

another important note to seriously take note, i’m an unorthodox ‘cook’, i can’t give exact measurements for ingredients and can’t give exact cooking timing, i just throw in this, throw in that, and cooking time also depends on individual liking, if u like it softer or crunchier, more baked or just nice, etc. so if you’re trying out my recipes, and frustrated how come i don’t put the exact measurement & timing, i apologised, you’ve got to experiment, thats the whole fun of it!

Baked breadcrumbed cod with potatoes & mexican asparagus 3

this is how i served out for the kiddo, cut the asparagus into tiny pieces & check out how translucent the cod flesh (make sure u feel for bones, sometimes they say boneless, but still you can find some tiny ones)!
i love this dish, the cod tasted deliciously & i jus love the crunchiness of the breadcrumbs mix, potatoes tasted great (if you sliced reali thinly & baked longer, you’ll get homemade healthy potato chips!) and the asparagus was simply fantastic! get the giantic ones, the baby asparagus no kick ;P
ah, i love experimenting & i love cooking