i can’t remember when was the last time we took a stroll & held hands, i miss that.

so on 5th march which was the husb’s birthday, we planned to do just that, asked the yaos to help babysit while we took a nice stroll to jalan kayu and had dinner, n had a nice stroll back as well, holding hands all the while.

he surprised me by giving my birthday gift (mine’s 8th mar), and i haven’t even got his ready! he got a shirt specially printed (from nike) 😀
he thought it was ok, the ‘my love’ is not too goose-bump raising , and i said thats ok, its good to have that from time to time 😛
for his gift, i gave him 3 days late, i’ve been wanting to get a new wallet cos his old one is reali old, i gave that to him like when we 1st got married, and its very well used that the smell & look say it all. i took all the contents of his wallet out, and put at his usual place
then put the contents in his new wallet and hide it somewhere else in his bag, printed a photo of us, and a photo of the family and place inside the wallet 😀

the husb was very pleasantly surprised the next morning while he was packing his bag, preparing to go to work. it was nice that we can still give each other surprises after 11 years of celebrating lotsa stuffs together, in between few years, i almost ran out of ideas, and the places to hide at home is getting lesser & lesser, haha…