i anyhow did the fillings:

    1. peel & cut potatoes into cubes
    2. cook potatoes in boiling water
    3. meanwhile, throw chopped carrots in heated pan with oil till soft
    4. throw in chopped green peppers
    5. throw in minced beef & tomato puree paste
    6. stirfry till minced beef is browned
    7. put in baking tin, let it cool
Shepherd's Pie 1
    1. mashed potatoes in a separate bowl
    2. stir in cheese & milk to mashed potatoes
Shepherd's Pie 2Shepherd's Pie 3
  1. spread over minced beef in bakin tin
  2. bake till golden brown
Shepherd's Pie 4
i think it tasted a little bland (maybe because i didn’t add in salt or pepper) and i didn’t like the green peppers in it, i think i’ll use green peas the next time…however, the husband likes it, he took 2nd helping despite having his tum ballooning already, hee 😛