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Pasta dish (for very lazy daz)

this is such a simple one (for very lazy daz):

  • veg potpourri pasta (they’re so pretty and fun to eat and yummys!!)
  • canned tuna in olive oil (no cooking!)
  • steamed brocc or cooked frozen peas

there you have it!
there can be so many variations to pasta/macaroni dishes,
-pasta + any stew
-pasta + any soup

-macaroni + tuna + peas + cottage cheese or melted cheddar/moz cheese
Pasta dish variation (for very lazy daz)
i tried a different variation today
  1. cook pasta & celery in boiling water (w/o adding salt)
  2. drain off water
  3. chop or slice celery & leave both pasta & celery aside
  4. wash cod fish & cut into cubes
  5. throw in chopped onions in heated pan with olive oil
  6. throw in cod fish, cook for about 2 mins
  7. spoon in some tomato puree paste (according to how tomatoey u want)
  8. stir cod fish & spread the paste around
  9. throw in pasta & celery
  10. stirfry for about 2mins
done! yums!
Pasta dish variation 2 (for very lazy daz)
next, potato salad (for ultra lazy daz):
  1. steam or boil peeled, cubed potatoes till soft
  2. throw in cherry tomatoes at the last 30s of cooking potatoes (always cooked tomatoes slightly because they are more nutritious than raw tomatoes, antioxidants released during cooking)
  3. throw sunflower seeds in mill (cos dun think you can chew the whole seed if u’ve got oni 8 teeth)
  4. tear raw greens (butterhead, cabbage etc.) into small pieces
  5. mix potatoes, tomatoes, greens, dried cranberries, milled sunflower seeds with cottage cheese!
Potato salad (for ultra lazy daz)
super yums!
alternatively you can do potatoes + tuna in olive oil + steamed brocc/peas
i use tuna in olive oil because its healthier, and supposed to be lesser in salt content, you can use tuna in sunflower oil as well, i read in oil less salt…i like in olive oil better because it is so fragrant, you can do without any flavouring (or minus the cottage cheese)
finally, risotto dish (risotto comes in plain or different flavors):
  1. measure the amount of grains you wanna cook
  2. pour in twice the amount of water to the grains
  3. add in cubed pears
  4. add in chopped or sliced mushrooms
  5. throw in cherry tomatoes
  6. bring to boil in a pot, do not cover
  7. bring down the fire to low
  8. let it simmer for about 20mins (add in more water if the risotto is still not soft to your desire & simmer longer)
  9. add in frozen peas at the last 30secs before you turn off the stove
  10. if its just plain risotto, you can add in a knob of butter, or cheese for more flavoring
Risotto dish
nice healthy food for the tots needn’t be laborious or complicated 😀