dinner at jack’s place on sunday, we sat close to the back of the restaurant, next to this large table of family i think, a pretty loud family i must say, there’s a toddler sitting in the highchair too, and while we were still finishing our dinner, they were about to leave and this woman peeked over and asked that other toddler who is a girl to say hi to asher

woman: say hi, di-di, (girl touches asher’s hand), hmm, call di-di la, gentle ah, di-di hor, i think its di-di ah (turned to me) how old?

me: 16 months

woman: oh, 16 months ah? eh, same leh! (pointing to girl) also 16 months leh (chuckles)

me: oh ok

woman: so its dec is it? end dec ah? (trying to establish if asher is di-di still)

me: oh no, its start of dec

woman: (exclaims) har? same leh! which date?! (getting very excited)

me: 5th dec

woman: (laughs loudly) ah!!! same!! same!!! (laughs hysterically) same, also 5th dec!!! (laughs loudly) so also di-di, also gor-gor, jie-jie (i think she said something like that, which at this point i was very confused)

me: oh (sniggers)

woman: (turns to her other company) eh same leh, same date leh, also 5th dec (laughs hilariously) (turned back to me) eh afternoon or morning?

me: late afternoon

woman: also afternoon leh!! what time what time? (beaming)

me: (thinking oh gosh is this gonna end?! what a nice lady) about 5+

woman: oh (chuckles) then its di-di, really di-di (laughs) 2 hours later di-di (laughs loudly) (turned to girl) di-di leh, bye bye di-di la

family exited scene, the kiddo’s stare was following them, me & the husb looked at each other, very bemused and said, “what was that?” and i can’t stop chuckling for sometime

what was that?!