i wanted to grind some nuts to put in the kiddo’s salad for lunch,
then i decided i might as well grind the whole can once & for all, so i need only to wash stuffs once

the 1st 1/2 looked like fine grinded nuts, by the time i did the 2nd 1/2, my mill feels hot and i’ve got pasty nuts!

i thought to myself, “hey this looks like peanut butter!”
so i proceeded to add in some olive oil, mix & stir, and voila, i’ve got homemade nutty butter! (not just peanut, but almond, cashew, pistachio, etc)

hmmm, it taste extremely nutty, dry & grainy, i think when i’ve got more time, i can add in oil & butter & cook the nut paste over slow fire, maybe then i’ll get smooth peanut butter? ;D  

Peanut Butter