a few people ask me who’s Reb, and why am i sharing a blog with Reb

so i shall talk about the relationship between me, Rach and Reb today

Reb is my sister-in-law, the husb’s 1st younger sister, altho the husb & i have known each other for over a decade, but i didn’t get to interact much with his family till much later, i can’t remember when Reb & i started connecting with each other (maybe from the 1st day trip i took with the family to tanjong pinang)

i think somewhere along the way, we just started talking, and the more we talked, the more similarities we found out about each other, and the more we continue talking, and thats how we got closer and closer

although we are 4 years apart, we have many similar interests, we are on the same wavelength on so many things, and we’ve got so many things to talk about and do together

we used to talk about our work because we were once social workers (she still tells me about her work now & i still tell her about my adhoc workshops)
we talked about kids because we love kids
we gripe about stuffs to each other (more like she gripes more to me cos she likes to whine haha & i listen)
we like arty stuffs, we like doing crafts & DIY stuffs
our fav color is green
we like retro stuffs
we’ve got very similar taste in alot of things like accessories, clothes, etc (i think we discovered that on our family trip to BKK)
we like cooking, baking, etc

not many differences, but those differences we have are no biggie & actually work to our advantages
i’m very much an IT & internet bum, but she’s so good at it, so she does all the layout, etc
she’s not into make-up & stuffs, so i did the make-up for her wedding
she’s neat & organised, does everything systematically, so she’s very good at planning, but i’m not really
she needs to think through stuffs alot & plan ahead alot, but i’m more spontaneous, so encourage her to just do it sometimes

i think maybe cos the sister & the brother (aka the husband) are very alike in many ways (alot of their responses to alot of things r sometimes freakingly exactly the same!), thats why we can click so well

i couldn’t believe that i couldn’t find a photo of us together, except for those i did her make-up on her wedding day, hah…