the kiddo likes picking things up on the floor & passes to us, he picks tiny tissue bits, lint, thread, plastic, leaf, flowers, pebbles, earth, sometimes not sure what he picks up
yesterday, i was lounging on the couch after brekkie and the kiddo was just strolling about the house
he picked up something from the corner of the couch, wanted to pass to me, so i spread out my hand, and he placed the thing on my palm, the moment he let go, and i saw what it was, i flung the thing off, jumped off from the couch & gave a yelp, guess what it was

after that scare, i picked the already-dead-and-now-dissected-by-me-insect with a tissue paper…1 dead insect is now in 3 parts, the kiddo was stunned for a very short while but carried on as per normal…

kiddos are indeed fearless & clueless, hah