i love popsicles & i love the sound of it

this was pretty spontaneous

i had in mind to make strawberry milkshake, but my strawberries turned bad before i could do it, and i couldn’t find new ones in my ntuc & fruit stall at the market. then i realised i’ve got some great mangoes & thought mango milkshake sounds yummy too!

while slicing the flesh off the mango into my blender, decided to throw in 1/2 eaten oranges, added organic cow’s milk, some ice cubes & they were blending beautifully!

Milkshake & Popsicles 1

then i sprinkle some nutmeg powder & some mint leaves (dried ones), if u use dried mint leaves, u add in more but if fresh ones, add less, then give the milkshake a gd stir (or shake)

Milkshake & Popsicles 2Milkshake & Popsicles 3

the kiddo’s 1st milkshake, he enjoyed it!

Milkshake & Popsicles 4
Milkshake & Popsicles 5Milkshake & Popsicles 6
then i’ve got so much milkshake left after drinking 1 whole glass myself, i thought i could pour in the rest to make popsicles 😀 i just bought these from ikea, ain’t they pretty?
Milkshake & Popsicles 7Milkshake & Popsicles 8
Milkshake & Popsicles 9
he didn’t quite know how this thing work initially
Milkshake & Popsicles 10
Milkshake & Popsicles 11Milkshake & Popsicles 12
but he soon figured it out & was happily licking & finishing it 😀