1st babysitting assignment, haha
for mrs conn sim, on weds when she wants to take a nice bus journey to school, has a relaxing, reflective dinner & then class
its not a long session, under 2hrs, before daddy comes to pick up lil’ jadon

it was manageable since the kiddo can pretty much self-feed, and jadon could sit in the sitter for sometime, altho i’ve to let him cry a lil’ while cleaning the kiddo up & clearing dinner.

and i muz say it was actually pretty fun, good that the kiddo can have some company altho they can’t really play much together, but he starts to learn that the world doesn’t revovle around him and a good experience for me to know how it will be like when i have a 2nd kiddo, hah

there were some endearing moments where the tot & the baby made each other chuckle, or where the tot tried to soothe the baby by rocking him on the sitter, passing him books or toys or simply trying to release him from the sitter’s bondage, offering the baby his own food or water, but there were also some act outs where the tot snatches a book from the baby, or trying to squeeze himself onto my lap while i was trying to read to the baby, but overall, they were pretty nice to each other 😀

its been 5 weeks, and i find myself looking forward to weds, and everytime i told the kiddo, “its wed, jadon’s coming”, he will point to the door, beaming with delight too. it’ll be 1 more day of babysitting before conn’s term ends and my babysitting assignment pause/stop, i’ll certainly miss that, haha