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Yoghurt 1homemade yogurt’s so easy, economical & healthy
what you need:

  • a glass container that can hold at least 1litre
  • yogurt culture powder (i got it from four seasons organic market)
  • milk (i used full cream organic cow’s milk because of the kiddo)

what you do:

  1. according to instructions, 1 tsp make 1litre of yogurt
  2. warm up 1 litre of milk in a pot to about 40 degrees, on low heat. (warm to the touch, do not let the milk boil!) if you are in a rush to make yogurt, you can heat up the milk more, the warmer it is, the faster the milk ferments.
  3. drop 1 tsp of the culture powder into the glass container & stir in.
  4. let it stand for 10-12hrs (but on very very crazy sizzling day, you might wanna check about 8-10hrs), make sure you don’t let it stand for too long, it’ll get more sour the longer you leave it out
  5. when you see becomes curdy, put it in the fridge
  6. add any flavorings you like, mangoes, honey, strawberries, raisins, prunes, apricots, etc
  7. should finish most of it in the next 3-4 days
  8. leave out a lil’, maybe like about a finger’s height of the yogurt
  9. pour in another 1litre of milk, repeat steps 3-7 and you’ve got yourself another 1litre of yogurt!
  10. you can try to make a couple more times, the most i’ve gone to was 3x, each time you make, the live cultures will get weaker & weaker, so maybe you don’t want to make so many times also, you know, oh and i’ve also heard if the 1st batch is sour (which is what i did, because i forgot about it & left it out to stand for a few more hours till the texture’s like firm tofu already), the following batches will be sour too, so don’t be like me, be diligent for your 1st batch!
Yoghurt 2
i added a lil’ manuka honey & dried apricots for the kiddo
Yoghurt 3
2 tiny pots for him, 1 small bowl for mua
Yoghurt 4Yoghurt 5
look at how intensely he’s trying to scoop & enjoy the yogurt, of course more like making sure he has the apricots in each spoonful, gee
Yoghurt 6
ah such satisfied look after his dessert
Yoghurt 7
& he finished the 2 tiny pots totally clean!