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i thought the kiddo needed a new set of cultery, so decided to upgrade the ‘baby spoon & fork’ to a set for tots, look so nice & curvy, supposed to help/encourage self-feeding (what was i thinking??!! my tot’s so skilled at self-feeding already, he doesn’t need the curves to help him actually, shesh)

anyways still happy i got ’em & excited to let him try out that very day, he was using his right hand initially to scoop his food , more food landed out of his mouth than going into it but that’s normal (cos he uses his left hand usually & is better with his left than right)

then he switched back to using his left, and he had more or equal difficulty
then i realised the curved-in shape of the spoon is pointing out when he uses his left hand!

this fork & spoon are made for righties!!! argh!! kiddo had his 1st ‘bump’ as a leftie, i didn’t realise such a simple thing can pose such a challenge…bleah

what do i do with the fork & spoon now?