having some crazy fun one evening with the afro wig the husb got for his last year’s D & D (he got best dress award btw :P)

the BIL – his face’s so small the wig almost ate it up, his act-out was hilarious
Reb – wasn’t keen on trying initially, but after putting it on & realising that herself actually looked quite good, she was delightfully happy (eh, just realised the picture on her t-shirt looks like afro too!!)
the SIL – the 1st volunteer to want to try on the wig, but because she didn’t act out any funny expression, there wasn’t a 2nd pic, hah
mua – how do you think i look? i love my so-called ‘beauty mole’ here haha, it goes with the wig
finally the best dress award winner, the husb – the theme was ‘back to school’