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corn & vegetable animal pasta, ain’t they cute & colorful 😀

i make the horse sound while the horse pasta ‘gallops’ into the kiddo’s mouth, he chuckles whenever i do that, sometimes happily engulfed the horse but not necessarily always…

stew with wholemeal wrap, yums! the kiddo had lotsa fun holding the wrap & plonking the whole thing in his mouth before any fillings drop out

bread balls, tear off small pieces of bread, tear off some cheese, put in the centre & wrap it, then roll into a ball, u can spread butter, jam, avocado, whatever & do the same thing, the kiddo’s always delighted when i do that, he likes to roll the bread balls around on his plate or on the highchair, & then plonks them into his mouth, bread balls make him eat more happily & mama has fun kneading too 😀

hotdog bun, i sliced open 1/2, spread some jam, this was his 1st bite, i’ve no idea how exactly he did this, don’t you think that’s near a perfect circle??!!