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i sleep almost 8hrs a day, sometimes more.
physically my body gets some rest when i sleep, but my brain doesn’t stop working & i wake up not feeling that i’ve slept much at all.
thats because i have a sleep disorder, termed as Periodic Limp Movement Disorder (PLMD), suffered since who knows when & only diagnosed in 2007.

“One of the biggest sleeping problems the elderly experience is the inability to get deep, restorative sleep. Although they tend to sleep just as much as they did when they were younger, the elderly don’t get as quality sleep, meaning that they often suffer from fatigue and daytime drowsiness. The main reason for this is that older people don’t get as much REM sleep, the deepest, most restorative sleep phase” (read more here)

erm, that’s me you’re talking about? i’m not even 35, dude.  
but that is MY biggest sleeping problem, i don’t get deep, restorative sleep.

i know its not quite the same as having chronic illnesses or disability and not quite like i didn’t sleep at all, but it is pretty miserable to feel like you haven’t slept when you 1st wake in the morning after 8 long hrs. 

i watched a documentary on an experiment on the effects of sleep deprivation on people, the behavioural effects i saw were, to say the least, scary, when i read more, i just got more amazed how i managed to not just survive, and not just functioning ok but actually functioning more than ok at times

the only conclusion i have came up with is: God’s grace is sufficient for me, His power made perfect in my weakness (2 Cor 12:9) 
some days i wake up thinking that i can’t take it anymore, but that day passes, whether i’m feeling terrible or good, i’m walking, i’m doing stuffs, God’s grace just doesn’t run out, doesn’t run dry.
there is no other way you can explain why i am still the way i am with this condition, except to reach that conclusion, can you see that?
i really hope you do, seriously.