canned tuna chunks in olive oil (heinz brand) taste soooo good in salads (did i mention that already in 1 of the entries?!? nevermind, gd things are worth mentioning more than once :P)

what i tossed in colorful harmony here:

  • tuna chunks in olive oil
  • cherry tomatoes (pls boil, steam, toast, grill ’em for awhile at least, they’re better in nutrients that way)
  • assorted nuts
  • assorted fresh leafy greens
  • macs
  • finely diced yellow caps (i love capsciums, yellow, red, green, orange! they taste good whatever ways, stew, raw, baked, grilled!!)
  • dried apricots & cranberries
Favourite Salad 1

another yummy toss with tuna in olive oil (best thing about this is, its so yummy & moist, you can save on salad dressing altogether!!)

  • boiled potatoes
  • tuna in olive oil
  • cherry tomatoes
  • assorted nuts
  • dried cranberries
  • black olives
Favourite Salad 2

my leafy greens turned bad already, i was so sad, but the black olives more than compensated! 🙂