i watched the movie slumdog millionaire last night despite being very tired, because the husband urged me to watch as he thinks its a very good movie

it was an EXTREMELY good movie, not many movies are capable of evoking a whole array of emotions like this one did to me

there were some funny scenes at the initial parts of the movie, yet sad truths were brilliantly depicted

i saw innocence & cruelty at the same time, i saw peace & war back to back

i laughed at some parts, missed a few heartbeats at some, smiled & hoped at others, abhorrence at some points, it was a happy ending, the husband says its a story of hope

But i cried, i cried hard when the credits were rolling.
some images i just can’t wiped off, my heart’s grieved all the more because such images happened in real life & i believe are still happening – street kids being maimed/prostituted to earn money for wicked men through begging, etc.

what is it in the mind of man that he blinds a child who may be barely 6 years old?
what is it in his heart that he wants to earn his life through exploiting children in revolting ways?

i simply cannot comprehend.
what do i do? i want to save ALL these children. but i can’t
i prayed & i pray.
what else can i do?