i didn’t have time to do marketing last week & the kiddo had been eating mainly fish for 4 daz, i went to the 24hr ntuc after kickboxercising hoping to buy some chicken, there’s only whole chicken left then i saw 1 pack of sakura chicken, happily grabbed & paid for it (i heard sakura chicken is very nice!)

while i was walking back home, happy with my buy, suddenly it just dawned on me that i’ve never bought an entire full-bodied chicken ever before!

i sent this sms to S:
“help! i bought a whole chicken & realised tis is my 1st time! how do i deal with the chicken?!” (followed by a distressed emoticon) to which she replied,
“you mean how to cook it or how to cut it?”

before i could reply her, she sent me 2 sms-es telling me both how to cut up the chicken & 2 simple ways to cook it as a whole chicken

to be honest, the chicken head freaked me out a lil’ while i was holding onto the neck (i think because i once watched my grandma slaughtered a live chicken by cutting at the head 1st, freaked me totally then!), but i wasn’t gonna let that deter me from cutting up the 1st chicken in my life & its a sakura chicken, mind you! as instructed, i cut the head off, cut the neck off (which i like to eat!), cut off the feet (which i like to eat too!), cut backside, then the thighs, wings, then breast (which really is heart-shaped!)

i threw everything in (except the head!) to cook chicken mushroom pumpkin soup, yums, sakura chicken is really quite nice, taste more tender, even the breast meat’s tender!

yay, i’ve cut up the entire chicken on my own for the 1st time 🙂
thanks to S for rescuing me out of my panic, you know who your real pals are when you sms ’em at 11pm to ask about cutting chicken up, and they can give you responses more than you can ask for 😉