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i ate a very small lunch today, felt hungry within an hour, wanted some snacks, managed to peel my butt off the couch & proceeded to steam the baby yam for some ‘orh nee’, the recipe i found seemed super easy & effortless to do, but i was WRONG, i had to peel the yam, dice them up, steam ’em for what seemed like hours, then mashed to smooth paste which was arm-aching! then after my arm almost fell off from mashing, i didn’t exactly get a SMOOTH paste

in the meantime, i thot since the yam paste was taking soooo long to do, i decided i may as well do some healthy veg chips, so i sliced pumpkin, carrots, potatoes very thinly, spread olive oil all over & baked in the oven, the aroma was heaven-heavenly~~~some turned out to be real nice crunchy chips, some wasn’t quite like chips, i shall call ’em soft slices, and yet some others have gone to the dark side that i’ve to discard them

back to the very troublesome ‘orh nee’, i was glad i still had 1/2 an arm to continue, i heat oil in the pan, throw in the half-past-smooth yam paste (still trying to mash some stubborn bits on the pan), roll the paste around for awhile on slow-med heat, added more oil to increase smoothness, thought i might die of clogged arteries if i add some more oil, so stopped, scooped out the yam paste, put in bowl, placed cooked gingko nuts on top & steamed it for 1/2 hour, then mix in grilled/baked pumpkin in, looks good ain’t it??

after steaming, the paste still wasn’t very smooth, (they like so much oil so much gosh!!), so i added more olive oil (help me!!), anyways the aroma of the baby yam was marvellous, but my ‘orh nee’ is far from healthy, sweet, smooth & nice, because i didn’t want to add any sugar as i was planning to let the kiddo try (but he was so ravagely chomping down his beef stew & the veg chips, i couldn’t give him anymore food, so left some for him to try tom)

it might be another long long time before i try doing ‘orh nee’ again, but the kiddo & i had a nice time munching at the veg chips, yums 🙂 oh lesson learnt: cut the veg in not so thin slices like what i just did, slice thicker, various web searches say at least 2cm thick, otherwise they get stuck thin flat on the tray