2 weeks ago, the husb became the SAHP (stay-at-home-pop) while i was out “working” for 4 full days, we switched roles

i went for 2 full days teachers’ workshop, as logistics assistant , 1 full day SNAPP training at FOTFS, and 1 session of Playtime, it felt like i went back to work, struggling to wake up at unearthly hours (6+am is unearthly to me now!), rushing thru breakfast or rather preparing breakfast & eating on the go, rushing for make-up, dress up, etc, not having time to poop 😦 , rushing for bus, jostling with the rest of the working zombies commuters, enduring the silly peak hour rush, seeing my old “bus buddies” (thats what the husb calls ’em cos i talked about them like i know ’em but they’re just the same people i used to see on the same bus at about the same timing on almost every working day), i see tired, irritated, bored, blank expressions on most of these zombies working people, its sad i tell you, my heart goes out to ’em, honestly
while i’m glad to have a change of routine these 4 days, i’m so glad that i’m not in this working madness everyday anymore, not that i didn’t enjoy my job, but i never like the mad peak hours, & sometimes the routine
and i’m glad i could be in the husb’s shoes these 4 days, seeing things from his perspective, understanding that after a day’s work out, u just don’t wanna do any chores etc, and being so delighted to see the kiddo because you’ve been missing him the whole day. the fact that the husb has been still helping the chores in the best he can, brings me to appreciate him at a new level

on the other hand, lotsa people wow-ed big time when they heard the husb’s taking care of the kiddo for 4 full days, some even expressed concern if he could manage and i assured them he’s more than capable, since the kiddo was born, whatever i do, the husb has no problem doing too (erm, except for breastfeeding & cutting nails)
the husb did a wonderful job being a SAHP these 4 days, he cooked (erm jus cooking veg in the soup i’ve cooked already, but hey its still something!), did laundry, clean the floor, etc, except the 2nd day where he couldn’t get the kiddo to take nap, things were pretty good, they even gone out once. he also had a chance to really get into my role & understand from my perspective.

so all in all, it had been a good albeit tired week. i miss being SAHM & the husb is also missing being the SAHP, he’s already missing those 4 days of quality time with his son on the 5th day, he’s got another chance when i try my hand on the subaru challenge again this year!