can you guess what this is?

it is how an avocado seed looks like after about 4-5 days after it loses its ‘smoothness’ & the outer layer dries out. you might wonder why i kept the seed. while i was feeding it to the kiddo, it kinda “popped out & rolled out” while i was trying to scoop the flesh near it, then when i tried to grab it, it kinda slipped out & rolled on (its got a life on its own!!) the kiddo chuckled hilariously, so i thot since it rolled around so well, it will be fun to keep it as a ball, haha. so i tried to scrub & wash with lotsa detergent, but the surface remain smooth (or oily??), but anyhow, we still kept it & rolled it around, something so small & unassuming but it hath provided loads of giggling & fun & it was an opportunity to learn!

i love avocado, i started eating lots about 2-3years ago after i discovered heavenly combination of spreading avocado on plain crackers (esp meiji plain crackers), and then i went nias island and they had huge creamy avocados, they pour condense milk directly onto the avocado, scoop the flesh out & savour it, it was super uber heavenly i tell you!! so since then, i spread avocado on toast bread, spread a thin layer of condense milk, ahh sedap!!
then when i read about how avocado is like the most powerful, REALLY powerful fruit, i’m just sold on having more & more of it, like i said, its great on plain crackers, great on toast bread, great to mix in oats or cereal, great in salads, great with shredded grilled chicken, great as guacamole dip, great in sandwiches, oh the list goes on!

how to test if avocado is ready & nice to cut up & eat? hmm…by trial & error & experience, when its green & hard, definitely not ready, if you want it to ripen faster, you can put in brown paper, even faster, put an apple together in brown paper bag, otherwise just leave it out to let it ripen naturally. when its turning dark & relatively soft when you pressed the top of the fruit, its almost ready. but if the rest of the fruit’s still pretty hard, wait another day or 2. however, from my experience, different nationalities ripen differently, some already turned blackish (which means spoilt) even while its not very soft & still pretty green. then try not to buy the aussies avocado, they’re not very nice-tasting, indonesian ones are mushy sometimes & taste weird, some like it, i didn’t like it (altho those at nias which is part of indonesia tasted great!)

the kiddo & i were intrigued by the changes in that tiny seed, happily peeling the dried layer & exploring the inner layer (which i seriously think it looks like a brain on 2nd look at the pic),
think i’ve started ‘home-schooling’ unconsciously, science that is 🙂