unexpectedly, unsuspiciously came disguised as a passing dry-throat cough

then not so high a fever crept in slowly, & thereafter exploded into nasty flu bug symptoms – runny nose, which had muscus flowing almost non-stop, which i’ve been wiping his nosey every min or 2, seemingly innocent dry cough became ultra phlegmy cough that deters him from having proper rest, erratic body temperature, flu bug also rendered him puking twice yesterday, once during nap, once during his bedtime, where he woke up, coughed so hard, puked a big patch of regurgitated dinner in his cot, my poor baby was sobbing with some barf still hanging over his lips, we cleaned him up, cleaned his cot, i soothed & rocked him (like the good ole’ infant days). we had him slept with us almost the entire night, but because he was flipping, rollin’ & tossing all over, i carried him back to his cot at unearthly time of about 5+

i hope he gets better soon, my lil’ baby’s majorly under the weather,we’ve never had him like that before, teary, puffy eyes & all…times he had fever was only because of vaccinations…
oh pls dun take my sunshine away, he makes me happy when sky is grey….