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we brought the kiddo to the hair salon only twice, 1st visit was a total shave off at 9mths old because his hair was growing out all over the place & we didn’t know what style he should have, that experience was somewhat frightening for him but there wasn’t too much of a crying fit
the 2nd visit was however, a total opposite, it was as equally horrible an experience for the kiddo as it was for me, the “im-so-afraid-what-is-this-stranger-doing-to-me-oh-plsss-save-me-for-goodness-sake!!!” kinda pitiful sobs & screams & cries broke my heart, also made me almost died of embarassment from the “how-can-you-allow-your-kid-to-go-thru-such-torture” looks from other customers in the salon, so halfway through i couldn’t take his “savemepls” cries anymore, i asked the hairdresser to stop, i don’t care if my son’s hair’s uneven, unfinished, i care for his feelings more than anything else, i just couldn’t bear to see him cry like that (extremely rare sight)
then we decided to invest in this hairclipper for kids so we can make haircutting a better experience for the kiddo (the husb tried it out on himself 1st & get the kiddo to watch at the side, but he wasn’t very interested, had that “i-don’t-wanna-relive-that-traumatic-experience” look, also at the same time the “i-don’t understand-why-u-wanna-put-yourself-thru-that” look
we lived with that unfinished haircut for almost 3mths, then his fringe was getting too long & poking his eyes, so i decided i should try my hand at trimming his fringe, i tried the hairclipper on my own fringe 1st hah
i thot its gonna be a breeze but i was sooooo wrong! look what i’ve done to my son’s hair!!!
he struggled so much, pushed my hand away, yanked at my shirt, tried to grab the hairclipper, screamed, i just had to do an ultra swift job, which ended up me chopping off huge chunks of hair (intention is just trim a lil’, jus slightly above the eyebrow) at 1 side, then i’ve to continue to even out right? but with his screams, cries, grabs & yanking, my 1st attempt at trimming his hair was a complete fiasco
my initial repeated responses of “oh no what have i done to your hair??!!” was replaced by “oh you’re looking soooo cute, your new hairstyle’s growing on me” after staring at him for several minutes, the papa came back, stood at the door & stared at him for a looong while before he guessed what had happened