finally managed to get up a lil’ early to do up some pancakes for breakfast : D

organic buckwheat pancake mix, i added in fresh ripe bananas & strawberries, but the strawberries tasted ultra sour after being under the fire, so forget about the strawberries, better eat ’em as they are, but the caramelised banana on the pancakes tasted great!so i added lotsa ’em, yums!
Buckwheat Pancake 1
Buckwheat Pancake 2
i did up the entire mix and there were ALOT of pancakes for 3 in the family, so i packed the rest in cling wrap & freeze for easy brekkie times, hmm…buckwheat was a wee lil’ dry & bland for my liking, but the caramelised sweet banana made up for it, so pls add lotsa, lotsa bananas for future reference
Buckwheat Pancake 3