well, not exactly his 1st drawing/doodling, but 1st on a huge mahjong paper!
we opened a new pack of water soluble lycra crayons & the kiddo was happily doodling spiral circles which he’s really good at! he doodled something which looked like a heart-shape, can you spot it? ; D

didn’t want to be too ambitious, gave him color pencils to doodle 1st
he’s got green crayon stain at the side of his face!
the budding artist hard at work choosing colors for his abstract art
*drum roll*! lovely piece of abstract art by asher lim & a complimentary drawing of sailing boat on waves by rachael lim!

the lil’ abstract artist likes moving around on his artwork, by sliding his butt across the mahjong paper & also gliding around on his feet, so he’s got messy crayons stains all over, i had to give him a good wash & scrub after the art piece’s completed, i was bushed at the end of it, but it was fun!