i read orange strangely, goes well with fish, so i tried out this really simple recipe:
Orangey Salmon 1
Orangey Salmon 2
    1. wash & pat dry salmon, place on baking dish
    2. pour fresh orange juice over salmon
    3. top salmon with parmesan/cheddar/whatever cheese you like
  1. bake in preheat oven 180deg for 15-20mins or until salmon flakes with fork
i have the dish with broccoli, boiled potatoes sticks & black olives
Orangey Salmon 3
hmm, i must say i’m not nuts about the combi, the orange juice (why does blended orange becomes bitter when the orange itself’s sweet??)  tasted a tad too bitter for my liking, maybe i should add a lil’ honey to it the next time, but the salmon tasted great & it felt so healthy