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what i did:

Lazy Sunday Yummy Lunch 1
  • washed fish & pat dry with kitchen towel (not sure what tis fish’s called, bought from wet market)
  • marinated fish with paprika, basil & thyme (added chilli powder & mixed pepper at 1 corner for parent’s portion :D)
  • placed on baking sheet on top of grill (save the hassle of washing the grill)
  • coated mushrooms with olive oil
  • placed mushrooms together with fish
  • sprinkled some basil & shredded moz cheese on mushrooms
  • grilled for about 20-25mins for the fish (my fish’s thick!)
  • grilled mushrooms for about 15-20mins
no fuss meal, just sprinkle & grill away! ate with frozen packed rice & steamed brocc
Lazy Sunday Yummy Lunch 2
oooh, check out the cheese & juice! aren’t u salivating already just by looking at the bubbling juice & browned cheese?! by the time the fish was done, we were pretty hungry, so didn’t take the rest of the picture, haha sori