more ‘nature walk’ for the kiddo to let him be one with the nature just as i like being one with the nature!! gee
it turned out to be quite a feat in this ‘nature walk’. i had planned to have just a nice, relaxing morning walk around the estate with the kiddo, looking at wild flowers, spotting snails, touching & smelling leaves.
But at the 9th minute, i decided to push the husb’s bike (that’ve been leaning there for years, finally!!) for repair & servicing at the jalan kayu
as i had to cross a couple of traffic juncture, i decided i had to sling the kiddo, the bike is not exactly small, i needed 2 hands to maneurve properly, so i piggy-backy him 1/2 the way & he walked 1/2 the way (which might be equivalent to 10km for his lil’ legs!!)
it was very tiring, i looked like a farmer with a kid at the back, pushing the bike as i turned into jalan kayu, which looks very much like a rural area & heading to buy eggs (1 of the 1st shops i saw was an egg wholesale shop), how i wish someone could take a photo of us.
but it was a whole lot of fun & adventure! the kiddo was game too as he wanted to climb this tiny slope up to a huge field (which served as a shortcut for us actually), pausing every few step to admire the touch-me-nots, touch the lalang, and just stood/squat there for a break, a smile & a pose, and of all the times i have my camera, i didn’t have it this time!! and if i had my cybershot, it’d be great too but i was stuck with a lousy old phone which gave me more than blurry images, bleah…

anyways, we spotted a couple of butterflies, some interesting insects along the way, smelling pretty wild flowers & examine this fruit which looks like a tiny flame of the forest, the pods are a beautiful glossy black, we brought it back to show the papa 🙂
Peas in a Pod

we konked out after lunch, walked back, the kiddo slept for 3hrs straight with me having to wake him up, but it was worth it, we had such a whale of a time 🙂