i think i must have been deprived of playing dress-up in my childhood, so sometimes i like to ‘play’ dress-up, matching accessories, belts, etc…people had been commenting about my good sense of style since uni days, i’ve thought of being a personal’s shopper as well…
anyways, some days for no particular occasion or reason, i just like to dress up a lil, try different things, today’s 1 of those days

after a few attempts of taking a self-portrait with the tot toddlering around me, i finally got a clear shot with him at the corner
i’m wearing a racer-back black tee with fav jeans, brown belt & faux-leather boots from old navy (new!), i’ve been holding back about wearing it out cos of the possibly warm weather & afraid it might be too over the top, but after looking at myself in the mirror for awhile, i’m like, “heck, just wear”, but at the last min, i took off the belt cos i didn’t want it to be really over the top. the boots look like that on the website when i ordered, its at a pretty low price, & thought i’ll take the risk with the size
hmm, the size was a lil’ large for me, & look pretty big on me if i wear with shorts/dress/skirt, so it looks best with pants/jeans, after wearing out for 1/2 day today, with thin ankle socks, i’ve got slight abrasions on my little toes & big toes, tells me there’s too much room for my feet to slide around, bummer, i’ll give it 1 more chance, wear it with thicker socks & see how it goes
what the lil’ fella wore today, his increasingly shrinking 1st polo tee, camo berms from oldnavy & he wanted to wear the wristband, what a nice touch of athletic look!
anyways, for a wedding last weekend, i wore this really nice, fitting little black dress i got last year, only $29!! and its 1 of my fav styles & its a classic lil’ black dress!

i thought all black’s a lil’ boring, so i tied a champagne colored sash at the waist, ta-da!i like the look! can you see where my hand’s resting? yes, i’ve got 2 pockets on my lil’ black dress, how cool is that!!
and there’re pleated designs where the side pockets are, which gives my post-birth figure a more flattering boost 🙂 i totally love this dress!