we’ve walked this route umpteen times, but there’re new discoveries still. i think perhaps it has to do with the state of mind before going for the walk. this time, we were feeling relaxed, slightly lazy, so wanted to take a leisure down to the CC & have dinner, and armed with my semi-pro G10 around my neck, i was all ready to spot any good images

New discoveries 1

initially i wanted to take a shot when there was only 1 bird perching on this barren tree up the hill, but 2 joined in the company 🙂

New discoveries 2New discoveries 3
the lil’ explorer (‘explorer’ is written on his hat) enjoying his walk with us, basking in the warm setting sun, following his own lil’ shadow closely & watching mama’s & papa’s shadows too
a 90deg bent tree onto the roadside, will it get backache if it remains like that?how did that even happen in the 1st place, i wonder…
the lil’ explorer pausing to touch the ‘touch-me-nots’, smell the grass…
New discoveries 4
all the 4 images above belong to the same tree, & there’re a whole line of these trees on the path that we took umpteen times & i wonder why i’ve never seen these before…
spotted a chamelon or iguana on a tree, can u spot it?
New discoveries 5
New discoveries 6
what lovely weather and sky scene!
New discoveries 7New discoveries 8
more lovely things i’ve captured
New discoveries 9
and finally, what a spectacular view greeting us at the end of the walk, before we settled to order our dinner!