i wasn’t in the best mood of being patient today, but God definitely has a very good sense of humor by creating opportunities for me to understand that being patient is a choice :@

i helped the Sims babysit in the afternoon for couple of hours, & with 2 kiddies (characterised by egocentricity, ‘meet-my-needs-NOW’ & ‘the-world-revolves-around-ME’), there were many great opportunities to either totally blew my patience off or refine it

at first, things were nice & calm, the boys were happy to see each other, the kiddo was eager to share his balls, lego blocks, books with JS…

things were still calm & happy after few minutes…
only but a few minutes…after which i had to deal with throwing stuffs, crying, watching if things go into little mouths, making sure they don’t step/knock onto each other (don’t get me wrong, they weren’t fighting or anything like tat), on top of getting dinner ready, etc…at 1 point, i needed to answer big nature’s call, i’ve to quickly find a solution to put an active, running tot & a curious, crawling baby in safe positions. so i put the tot in his cot & the baby in the rocker, both in the tot’s room. they were wailing & crying their lungs out like the only adult they know had abandoned them in the wilderness to fend for themselves for the rest of their lives! sitting on the throne in my toilet & hearing the bawling going on for only maybe a minute, i couldn’t answer nature’s call 😦
clap clap please, i’ve emerged victoriously against impatience, i had dinner, the tot had dinner, the baby had his biscuits, i managed to show the baby how to be patient for his next biscuit, we all had some moments of fun after eating & waiting for the sun to set. the tot was such a great helper to me & a nice friend! he helped JS open the bottle cap to give him water, he wanted to share his dinner with JS, he tried picking him up when he was sitting on the floor crying to be pick up, he wanted to release the teary JS from the rocker, he shared his toys & books with him readily, he fetched tissues to help JS wipe off tears & muscus, he helped to put JS bottle & biscuit container in the bag before JS prepares to head home, he’s such a marvellous boy!