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i’ve found a like-minded avocado comrade! he owns a shop called taste matters

we decided to head to the botanical gardens on a saturday morning, had brunch at adam road foodcentre, popped by to see Reb at work, & our eyes got caught by this signpost outside the shop about fresh avocado ice-cream, as you know, i’m avocado-crazed, so we got 2 servings, 1 with gula melaka & walnuts, the other without so that the kiddo can try his 1st ever ice-cream, i was so excited to let him try & me tryin the ice-cream i forgot to take pictures, bleah…

it taste soooo good~~~ all naturale, goes so well with the gula melaka & taste just as great without

the shop’s only for take-aways, offers many other desserts, has my dream wooden table-top, ultra cool website, the chef’s friendly & great, & big round of applause for the philosophy behind his shop, i’m definitely going back for more avocado ice-cream & trying out the desserts one by one when i start the kiddo on art class just next to the shop!

anyways, the gardens was a whole lot of fun, we hadn’t spend much time together as a family since the whole line of workshops the last 2 months, here’s some pics, more to come later

Botanical Gardens 1
Botanical Gardens 2