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woah my 1st display of artwork! altho its nothing great to show off, but wow, something i’ve done is on display, that’s something & a 1st!
went to help set up the exhibition, but couldn’t really help much because by then, it had past the kiddo’s bedtime & he was getting pretty hyper, running around, smiling, laughing, going up to strangers, smiling & staring at ’em, he even went up to 1 lady who was doing something on her iphone, placed his hands on her thighs, leaned on her & played with her iphone while also fiddling with her finger (*faint*), came back told the husb about tat, he said the kiddo must be thinking, “my folks are super low-tech pp, i’ve to find opportunity to play with other people’s iphone (tsk)”
so while trying to watch over the hyper kiddo, i tried to take some pics, at least help in some sense hah,
thankfully after some crazy act of smiling & running about, the kiddo was just happy lying on the carpet & playing his lego

Art Displayed

a friend impromptu contributed 1 atc to complete the 9-slots plastic folder titled “mt fuji” (she jus came back from japan after being there for 2yrs), my series of 8 atcs titled “my favourite things”, i used a out-of-ink pen to draw out the image, then used white crayon (kindly sponsored by the kiddo!) to color over it, then added a tinge of color to some parts, so its like a manual embossed effect, i like it 🙂
if you’re there, maybe u can try to make out what my favorite things are, gee