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i went to the polyclinic today to get a referral letter again to go back & see my neurologist (for subsidised rate, cos it expires after 1 yr, the last i visited was about 3yrs ago), to be honest i really hate the process…
not sure if its my state, but i find this doc ultra crappy, he asked loads of questions in uncaring manner, our conversation went something like this:

crap doc: “so whats your problem?”
me: “i’d like to get a referral letter to neuroscience centre at ttsh”
crap doc: “what for?”
me: “i’ve a sleep disorder called periodic limb movement disorder” (then explained i’ve went there 3yrs ago, i wanna go back see my doc now)
crap doc: “what? PLMD?” (extreme puzzled look, then trying to type in the long disorder)
crap doc: “so what? your limbs move around?” (i literally rolled my eyes)

then some more crappy questioning like:
“so what did they do for you there?”
“so you defaulted the appointment?”
“or they discharged you?”
“they conducted what test on you?
“what did they do for you?”
“did it help?”
“no help, then why are you going back there now?”
“what use is it you go back now?” (asked me this like maybe at least 2x)
“so its a sleep disorder?” (still looked disbelief)

at 1/2 pt, i just felt like telling him not to interrogate me with anymore questions, its unnec for me to be telling him, almost 100% of the time, he’s looking down at his kepboard or at the pc monitor, busy typing, checking to make sure he got the facts about my situation right, rather than looking at me.
i’ve been having uncontrolled outbursts, long crying episodes & feeling like i’m sinking into depression, it seemed to be going downhill as each day passes…i’m getting more irritable, more edgy, more volcanic, to say the least…it kinda peaked last week, which was uber horrible, plagued by the extreme lack of quality sleep ( & now quantity sleep as well)

i’m trying to get on my feet once again, this time seemed harder than all the other times but i’m trying very hard, like 1 of my favourite songs in ‘sound of music’, i’m trying way better than my best, because i think i’ve been giving & trying my best, till i’ve no more, but God enables me ALL THE TIME when there seems to be going sub-zero for me, so He’s gonna deliver much more than what i can do in my best