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while waiting for an appointment at NNI, i went to try TCM, which was my very 1st…
ok, not exactly, my mom did buy those packs of tcm in my growing years, for sore throat, cough, etc & i hate it to the core, because it tasted so bitter that i had shivers down my spine,
but it was my 1st in actually consulting an  医师 (chinese physician) & i did acupuncture for the 1st time too! i’ve always been intrigued by this treatment whenever i watched kungfu shows, & never imagined that i’d one day be poked like that.

a dear friend, D was with me, (helped me a great deal with the translation!) & to give me a courage boost, i asked her to take some pics for me, don’t i look like a zombie here?! the physician said the more i’m tensed, the more painful it’ll be, so i tried my bestest to relax, then i discovered it hurt more when i’ve more facial expressions, so i tried to stay as still & as expressionless as i can

i had 12 needles altogether, 8 on my head, 2 on each side of my wrist, needles on my head’s supposed to help with my exploding headache & hopefully help with my PLMD, wrists was because i told him on a sidenote that my hand/wrist hurt.

i printed a write-up on PLMD because i was told the physician knows a little english & can read, & i also get a translation of PLMD in chinese, physician never heard of my condition before but liken to epilepsy because the latter is movements during waking state, whereas mine’s movements during sleep. explained that every movement/action is dictated by the brain, the only time brain rest is when we’re sleeping because movements /actions ceased, so since my limbs move during sleep, means my brain didn’t rest (erm, yes actually i know tat already), then he explained some more things about the brain, about me having all elements, 风,湿 & esp. 热 (wind, wet & heat), etc, i’ve forgotten alot of stuffs because he told me too many stuffs & they’re all very ‘chim’ (profound)…anyways, i guess he wasn’t quite sure or confident of treatment since he’s never came across this, but suggested that i start with acupunture 1st & 5 days of medicine & he’ll review in a week’s time..

i like this physician (wayyyyy better than the polyclinic one), he asked alot of questions in a very caring, patient manner & he kept his eyes on me most of the time (not the keyboard or paper!), patiently hearing me out, he was reassuring & gentle, tho’ he wasn’t sure about my condition, but he remained calm & collected & positive thru’out, he makes me feel safe & confident to try, i guess because he looks genuinely concerned about my state…

D was by my side (besides taking pics), she cheered me on, said “ganbatte” couple of times, rubbed my legs, she tried distracting me by talking to me, but when she saw i became “zombie”, she just sat there quietly, afraid of making me laugh, but i was so glad she was with me, that eased my discomfort & fears quite abit & she kept saying “苦口良药”, to encourage me to take the medicine, haha, that kinda drilled in my mind by the time i got home! thanks so much, D!

i had 5 packets with 12 tiny sachets in each (for 5 days), i tell you, no joke, i spend a good 5mins at least, opening all the 12 sachets & emptying the contents, the smell & look itself shout “BITTER” to me already, but surprisingly, it was still tolerable for me, i had to mix 1 pack with water, drank 1/2 in the morn & leave 1/2 at night to finish…we’ll see how things go *fingers crossed*