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1 of the keys to getting your tot to eat well is having fun with food, so i try to spice things up a lil’ whenever i can, here’s what i’ve done:

More Fun with Food 1
cookie cutters for sandwiches, pancakes, bread, etc…the tot loves the star-shaped one
bread with avocado & topped with raisins, yums 🙂
More Fun with Food 2
More Fun with Food 3
 bear cookie cutter cheese sandwich transformed into toasty gingerbread man, raisins as eyes & dried apricots as clothes?!?
More Fun with Food 4
More Fun with Food 5

i made another batch of yogurt milkshake – strawberry orange & apple banana, which the tot enjoyed sipping in an yakult bottle

More Fun with Food 6
More Fun with Food 7
& made some into popsicles & fishy ice cubes & lego ice cubes where the tot also enjoys sucking into
c’mon, these don’t take alot of time & effort, just keep an open mind & be creative, kids should learn how to enjoy food so that they can enjoy meals!