i’m quite proud to say i’ve taken on many hairstyles throughout my growing up years even up till now, i may have gone back to a particular style at some point, but you never spot me stuck with the same style for many years, lets check it out (click on pics to enlarge)
the round bob hairstyle (doesn’t me on the tricycle looks strikingly like the tot?!?)

then the teenage years – tomboyish & super nerdy hairstyles
hairstyles were pretty much decided by the parents & they didn’t want me to have my hair long then, so when i just turned a young woman, i grew my hair really long & i actually kept this long hair for few years, that was the longest record i had for a single hairstyle, but still i played around with it alot, i had it shorter, i had it curled/permed, i had it like at waist length, i also had plaids
then i kinda went back to the bob-cum-bangs hairstyle at some point & something short
and then for quite a while, i didn’t do anything about it & just let it grew and…
bam~~~ta-da!! i went all out & had a radical hairstyle, the shave-off!!
the next hairstyle i’m itching to try is maggi-mee perm, like what renee Z.’s hairstyle in the movie “the bachelor” or what nicole K. has in the above pic., u get the idea…
now that i’m slowing leaving my hair to grow, i’d like to try the short soft perm too (altho i already have natural curls, which makes my hair looks permed most of the time) 😛