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we’ve exposed the tot to his 1st theatre experience in this wonderful, innovative play
he was overtaken by the theatre itself, overwhelmed by the no.of adults & laughing, screaming kids, & the loud music (our seats’ at the 4th row!), he just ‘koala-ed’ on me for a while, i believe he might be the youngest kiddo in that theatre
then when the show started, his gaze was transfixed on the stage ALL the time until towards the end when there were glitters dropping from the ceiling, i could literally see his palpitating hearbeat rising & falling vigourously through his clothes almost throughout the whole play, i believe it was quite AN EXPERIENCE for the tot
after the play ended, his expression remained the same, haaahaaa
stage when the play ended with all the however-you-can-imagine props
one last look to capture the memories of the 1st theatre experience
kids were crazy all over the props placed outside the theatre for them to play with, it was madness, all i can say
tot looked pretty satisfied, absorbing his experience & had his hand on some of the props
i enjoyed the play so much myself, i feel like going back to watch again, haha, if you’ve got a chance, go catch it before its too late!!