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the mama was under the weather, the papa has been handling most tot-care tasks, he decided to have 2 friends to join in the tot’s dinner – mortimer the moose who’s been tot’s sleepmate & playmate since just a few months’ old, & monkey who’s been his buddy lately for role-playing
the papa set up dishes for the 2 friends, put tissue as bib for monkey, spoon & a cup, mortimer just ate from the bowl because he’s a erh, moose
lego blocks as potatoes & asparagus for their food
monkey was obviously very pleased to be invited to the dining table, after all, the tot has involved him in almost everything recently, putting him to potty, then wiping his backside & washing his hands, sharing his water bottle with monkey, attempting to trim his nails, holding hands, cuddling & patting monkey, playing rough & tossing monkey in the air
and the tot was also very happy to have his buddies around for dinner today & very much tickled by the papa singing songs & doing actions with monkey
extremely amused & entertained by monkey’s dancing & clapping
the evening’s dinner rounded up by a delightful arrangement of halved grapes with blueberries by the papa