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my 1st time making beef patties, burger & fries to let the tot try his 1st burger meal

i got the tot to mix in the herbs & seasonings & mold the patties together with me, he loves digging his hands in & he makes pretty decent small patties (he made those smaller ones in the pic!)
* ingredients: minced beef, oregano, cornflour, paprika & seasoned pepper
Burger & Fries
add small blob of butter, on medium heat, put the patties, pressed lightly with wooden spoon, cook 3-5mins on each side or depending how well done you want your beef to be
cut bread rolls in 1/2, toast 30sec with top facing down, turn over, place sliced cheese on top & toast for another 30sec or depending on how toasted you want your bread to be, add cooked white button mushrooms & slightly grilled tomatoes on, serve with fries (in olive oil), presto, the tot’s 1st burger meal’s done!it’s really quick & simple but its a pretty oily business, i’ve never fried stuffs in my kitchen, ever! i didn’t know what to do with the pot of olive oil after that, honestly…
anyhows, tot was busy examining his burger meal
happily tasting
devouring the patty he’s made & asked for a 2nd patty
though there was alot of cleaning up after the cooking, i’m glad the tot enjoyed his meal 🙂