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hey peeps, sorry for being silent for some time…remember this post about me experiencing the peak of uncontrolled emotions? i think i had one that beat this about 3 weeks back & it was massive, i really thought i was going mad & i had thoughts of dying, i had thoughts of shaking the tot violently to stop him from crying because his cries was like setting the bomb off in my head, i couldn’t trust myself alone with him, i was afraid to hold him, come close to him or even look at him (for details, read my xtremedreamer). so i’ve been trying to get my feet up, mustering all my will power to get hold of my emotions…

the husband was very concerned naturally, proposed i go for a short trip to be away, relax & get refreshed, because of availability & other commitments, i couldn’t go as early as i should, but i’m going! 1st time to bali, 1st time on a trip without the husband & tot, 1st time on a trip with my great pal!

on an even better note, i’ve gone for acupuncture 5 times so far, seems to be helping, not sure if its helping my disorder in any bit, but i no longer experience jerking in my waking moments, which means i can fall asleep better, and also means i feel less uncomfortable…i’m already extremely grateful at this improvement even if it’s not curing my disorder, i’m getting a better grip of my emotions, the husband & i are learning to cope with this much better too 🙂 we’re still learning, thanks to those who’ve been praying relentlessly, i couldn’t have done this without your prayers 🙂