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the tot has been getting so good at manevouring himself on the flimsy (super light, therefore unstable) tricycle these days, that his turns are swift & smooth

flimsy tricycle

but the tricycle being light & flimsy, it couldn’t match up to his skills, so he went falling & landed his face right onto the rug & he’s got a cut lips, bruised chin & eye, i’ve never seen him bled so much before as i watched dark, deep red blood oozing out of his cut lips

he wailed with tears flowing down continuously as i cuddled him & sang the song i made up, “hush hush my lil’ baby”…he giggled, stopped crying, a minute later, he went about the house with his usual playing, running, laughing & the very next day back to swerving & making sharp corner-turns on his flimsy tricycle, back to his usual playful, cheeky, joyful self, so amused by me trying to take pictures of his battered face

battered face
battered face3
battered face5
battered face4
battered face2

what a fearless tot i’ve got here, unfazed & undaunted