he sleeps well, about 2-3hrs nap, 12hrs sleep thru the night

he eats well

he drinks well

he loves just hangin’ out at home, having fun
play athome1
play at home

he loves the outdoors
play outdoor

he loves to laugh & play; he loves to play, period
joy & delight

he plays well & relates well with people (big or small), he’s gentle & nice to them; he shares readily; he hugs & he kisses & he touches gently
play w friends2
play w friends
play w friends3

he is the lil’ explorer, bursting with learning enthuasiasm

he enjoys hangin’ out with me 🙂
hangin out
hangin out2

he is a great lil’ helper, helping me with laundry, pack bag for going out, throwing stuffs in dustbin, he loves being our lil’ helper & he is great
great helper

his sweet-nature & calm composure brings so much peace & love in my life
joy & delight

he fills my heart with so much joy & delight every single day, every moment
joy & delight

we love you, son